The Seperation Of Siamese Twins

Curtis and I have been attached like Siamese twins for 16 1/2 years. We have gone through so much together. The fates haven’t always been so kind to us but it has taught us how important it is to be kind, to have a loyal friendship and to love unconditionally. Curtis and I have had to face our truth over the last few months. The operation to separate us was intense, agonizing, unpredictable, but extremely necessary for the growth of our individual selves and our family. We don’t know what’s next but our hearts are full of love and we are committed to making this transition as loving and positive as possible. Do not mourn us, we’ve done enough of that. This was extremely painful, but we found true healing and relief dropping our burdens and expectations. We can breath now. Take what you need from this episode, bravely examine your own relationships and do not fear the unknown future. Be fearless! On the other side of the threshold is a new beginning.

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Converting Catholics

My church has been solitude and nature for the last 20 years. Nature has a lot to teach. Just the other day I watched a black cat stroll down the gravel lane. He stopped and chilled for few minutes, hopped and caught himself a nice breakfast. He was out looking for a meal, but he wasn’t worried if he’d find it. He just strolled until something caught his eye. He was mindful with purpose and then he was rewarded. We winter with the ladybugs, seriously, they are everywhere, every year, just after the first hard frost. All up in my shit but harmless. I take them off my counter top and toss them in my plants. The flocks of black birds are coming through and when they take off together, you can hear the power of the wind they generate.. It’s phenomenal and it’s all like clockwork. We are so consumed by our social and materialistic worlds, we forget to enjoy the world’s rhythms and appreciate the complexity of design as we turn around the Sun.

In the Void this week I talk about my religious upbringing and how my views have evolved over my life. Please feel free to share your stories with me. I’d love to hear others points of view and how they came about. Have a wonderful week!

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"All My Blood For The Sweetness Of Her Laughter"

I spent my 21st birthday mourning my sweetest dearest friend. The loss of her warmth in this world is remembered every single day. Sarah was my partner in crime, a trusted friend, sweetest soul I've had the pleasure to meet and many more wonderful things. It will be 17 years this December since she left us and I thought this story would be easy to tell, but yet again I was wrong. Warning: sad story ahead, feel free to skip this episode till you already feel like shit cause this is gonna bring you down. It brought me down.

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Jump The Snake, Jump The Witch And Fill Your Pockets With Rocks

I'm stubborn. Plain and simple. It's been A great coping mechanism and has kept me sane many times, but it has also built strong walls. This week I talk with my energy advisor Reiki Master, Stephanie Baker, about how we dismantle these walls in relationships. My sister and I walked along similar paths dealing with similar issues while bitching at each other the whole time. Oh siblings, stuck in car for eternity nagging at each other. Curtis gets Reikied for the first time and sees Batman. Ok... and then we talk about childhood nightmares. You know those ones you'll never forget? Enjoy your Sunday!

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Smoking In The Boys Room

Are there rules in Markacia? You can definitely smoke in the boy's room. What does everyone do in this cute little town? On the show today we have our axe man dropping rhymes, the governor and the professor. Are we on Gilligan's Island or the Walking Dead? You decide! Then we talk about addiction and how we all caught that fever. This one gets a little squirrelly, but no one ran over it. Safe!

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Masculine Echoes In The Void

How many levels are you existing on? How do you juggle your worlds? Can we re-write our own digital identity? Maybe the answers are in the cards. The gangs all here for this episode of the podcast. Acacia is here and she is joined by person and artist Zeljko, husband and person Curtis, and local personality and person Mark to do another deep dive into the nature of existence.

We talk about lucid dreaming in an online world and receive eerily poignant mini-tarot readings, among many other shenanigans. It'll make you laugh and think on every level.

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The Purple Elephant In The Room

This week Acacia meets with my Reiki Master, Stephanie and her daughter. They talk about many aspects and side effects of energy including Chakras, Auras, Kundalini energy and how this energy feels and how to recognize and protect yourself from lower vibrations. Whether we want to acknowledge it or not it's everywhere and it has an effect on us and the world surrounding us. Drinks are had, and the girls get loose and let it flow. There's so much energy in emotion and it's important to keep yourself on the sunny side. I hope you all find something in this that resonates. Go Sunday drivin' with the windows down, it's fall ya'll!

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Feelin' Stupid

This Sunday on Acacia and the Void, I talk about being dyslexic. Talking into this Void alone is getting easier. That's a relief! I share what it felt like to climb a mountain that felt like a shear cliff as a child and also how I learned to spell it;) Everything finally clicked for me, but it took every bit of my stubborn determination and what felt like forever at that time. I will always struggle a bit, it just is, what it is. Sometimes we think, why me, this is not fair, but actually adversity is a beautiful gift. It builds strength and a perspective that is truly uniquely our own. We can then use that knowledge to have empathy, to be an road sign for other wayward travelers. We let ourselves and others limit what we can accomplish. The only impossible part of doing anything is overcoming your own fears. Love yourself and that fear turns into nothing but joy. My mom used to say "there will always be someone smarter than you, that can do it better than you, but there's only one you. So do it anyway because so you can become a better you." Happy Sunday!

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Where The Cheese Is Always Powdered

What is the best way to deal with a jerk? If we treat them like jerks, don't we just reinforce their jerky behavior? This is just one of the questions Acacia and Markare going to answer on today's podcast. Other questions include the following:

Why should pervert's and sad sacks buy fishing gear?

Mac and cheese or shells and cheese? (Spoiler: the answer is mac, with extra butter. Craft brand, obvs.)

What are Shiva Chimes and Buddha Bells?

How can I be the best version of myself, for the rest of my life?

All this, plus so much more. Don't be last kid on your block to listen. No one likes a johnny-come-lately.

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