What is theDAMNation?

That's you silly! All our listeners make up theDAMNation. Will you burn for all Damnation if you continue to listen? We don't fucking know. 

What is a DAMNATION?

That is how you show us you care. We try sort-of hard to make a great show every week for your listening pleasure. We will never charge you for that. But if you could show us you care, it would give us the motivation to work even harder. Probably. Below is a list of ways you can show how you feel. They are organized 0-10 in effort. 



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Paint a theDAMNcast Mural on the back of your Garage,

especially if you can see it from the highway!

You're crazy and we love it!

You looked through all our options! Thanks for taking the time to learn how you can help us make cooler episodes for you! You are an amazing, awesome, and wonderful person! Leave our page feeling great about yourself, cause you are GREAT!

Thank You! We love you theDAMNkids!