Curtis is kind of a finicky person, one who is very particular about certain things. One of those things he is particularly particular about is the audio quality of theDAMNcast. Every week on the show, Curtis makes sure that everything sounds as good as possible, but things don't ALWAYS run so smoothly during the show. But hey, he does consume copious amounts of alcohol whilst recording, so he likes to blame it on that... That and the fucking Intern! Anyway, he has his opinions, and will host a game or tell a story (there's a reason George calls him unabridged), but he is probably the least vocal on the show. That doesn't mean that you won't hear him... That Motherfucker laughs at pretty much EVERYTHING going on in the show! When he's not doing something for the show, Curtis loves trolling Religious posts on Facebook, knowing all the facts via Completely True Facts, and working out in his garage.




Acacia likes being alone. The fact that she meets with these assholes every week is amazing and it's mostly because it happens in her house. She graduated with a psychology degree (aka doctorate of brainwashing) from Kent State, and uses those powers to tell Marty and Curtis to go fuck themselves. She may bring class to this dysfunctional bunch, but she's the first to go nasty. Acacia's stink eye is so strong that it will make you scream cunt like you have Tourette's. Ask her nicely and she might send you a hand written letter in her own menstrual blood. Her favorite form of cheese is powdered.




Marty like fast cars and American flags. He is the loudest mouth on the DAMNcast. You'll hate it when he's right and you'll love it when he's wrong. He's the all American beauty with the all American attitude... Shoot first, ask questions later.

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