Ep 204: Substitute With Prostitutes

Hello and welcome to Episode 204, 1st segment topics include: We all took a 3 question IQ test, It turns out Dyslexia is in the eyes and we learn all about Spite Houses. In the 2nd segment we talk to Danny Pajak, the owner of Disowned Customs motorcycle shop in Cleveland, Ohio. Danny can take any motorcycle you can find and turn it into a masterpiece. Seriously, this guys work is fucking amazing! To check out just some of Danny's custom bikes go to www.disownedcustoms.com and make sure to follow him on Instagram @disownedcustoms (interview starts at the 41:32 mark). In the 3rd segment, we wrap it all up with the disturbing new "trend" of Ovipositing (inserting chicken sized eggs made of gelatin into a vagina via an alien looking dildo). All that and so much more on this weeks Monday episode of theDAMNcast!

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Welcome To Markacia: This Is What We Are Talking About When We Are Podcasting About Talking About Love

Have you ever been in a restaurant and listened to the people behind you talk about their lives? Wasn't it interesting, even though their lives were mundane and normal? Tonight's episode is like that, but with less awkward chewing and tooth-on-fork clanking. What starts as a discussion about the loveliness of a certain woman quickly spins into a different orbit as Acacia and 'special' 'guest' Mark chew up reality the only way they know how: accurately, and with minimal preparation.

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Ep 203: Not Hard To Stack A Short Deck

Hello and welcome to another Thursday show. This week, 2nd segment is kinda sorta dedicated to getting to know more about Curtis. If that sounds terrible to you, I recommend skipping that part (starts around the 32:25 mark). 1st segment topics include: Hypernormalisation, Eliza the Computer Therapist (an early version of AI that regurgitated exactly what you asked it just in the form of a question) and what it's like living in the Internet age of Social Media, Fake News and trying to convince yourself, and everybody else, that everything is just fine. All that and not much more on this weeks "getting to know" Curtis themed episode of theDAMNcast!

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Ep 202: Rainbow Jizz (Testicle Yin Yang)

Hello and welcome to episode 202. This was an odd episode. We recorded on Saturday instead of a Thursday, and our external hard drive decided to not record this weeks guests audio (the 3rd time we've had such a malfunction in the last month or so). So instead of local Toledo, Ohio filmmaker Michael E. Cullen II joining us via telephone, we are guestless this week. Topics include: Harvey Weinstein allegedly loves molesting people, Curtis' brother and sister forced him to watch A Nightmare On Elm Street at 5 years old and Acacia gives us some fun facts about "balls and testicles". All that and so much more on this weeks weirder than usual episode 202 of theDAMNcast! We are super bummed that we had technical difficulties and Michael E. Cullen the 2nd's audio was corrupted and we apologize to him for that. Make sure and check all things Michael E. Cullen out at www.cullenpark.com.

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Acacia and the Void - Ep 06: "All My Blood For The Sweetness Of her Laughter"

I spent my 21st birthday mourning my sweetest dearest friend. The loss of her warmth in this world is remembered every single day. Sarah was my partner in crime, a trusted friend, sweetest soul I've had the pleasure to meet and many more wonderful things. It will be 17 years this December since she left us and I thought this story would be easy to tell, but yet again I was wrong. Warning: sad story ahead, feel free to skip this episode till you already feel like shit cause this is gonna bring you down. It brought me down.

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Ep 200: Enjoy The Cake

This weeks 200th "official" episode is brought to you by Sudio Sweden Premium Earphones. Just go to www.sudiosweden.com and enter promo code THEDAMNCAST to get 15% off!!! We took a week off last week, but we are back this week for another exciting show! This weeks 1st segment topics include: Theoretical Physicists figured out that there's no way we live in a simulation (sorry Elon Musk), Steven Seagal weighs in on kneeling NFL players and after another mass shooting we discuss gun control. In the 2nd segment we talk to poster artist, and recent military man Keith Ten Eyck. Keith makes these fucking amazing alternate movie posters in a very simple and minimal style in the vain of 1950s and 60s Saul Bass. Keith is also a recent graduate of basic training at the ripe old age of 34, so he explains what that's all about. Make sure and check everything Keith Ten Eyck out at www.keithist.com! We wrap it all up with the Sudio Sweden 3rd segment by coming into a new Duckii track (To The Top) off of his latest album (The Maladaptive Daydreamers Association) available here https://duckii.bandcamp.com/, and continue to reminisce about weird shows we watched as kids and the fact that we have done 200 fucking episodes!!! All that and so much more on this weeks very special 200th episode of theDAMNcast!!!

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Acacia and the Void - Ep 05: Jump The Snake, Jump The Witch And Fill Your Pockets With Rocks

I'm stubborn. Plain and simple. It's been A great coping mechanism and has kept me sane many times, but it has also built strong walls. This week I talk with my energy advisor Reiki Master, Stephanie Baker, about how we dismantle these walls in relationships. My sister and I walked along similar paths dealing with similar issues while bitching at each other the whole time. Oh siblings, stuck in car for eternity nagging at each other. Curtis gets Reikied for the first time and sees Batman. Ok... and then we talk about childhood nightmares. You know those ones you'll never forget? Enjoy your Sunday!

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Arch Frank 03: Leviticus Runkle Pants

Hello and welcome to the 3rd installment of our Archival Frankenstein series, where we take 3 segments from 3 different archived shows and "Frankenstein" them together to create a new-ish episode. This time we took the 1st segment from episode 47 (Leviticus LeSchmiticus), the 2nd segment from our first podcasts (Snack Davers In The Roto Room) episode 15 (Getting Krunkle with Mary Runkle) and the last segment of theDAMNcast episode 5 (Pants Emergency). We haven't taken a week off in a few months, and this seemed like as good a time as any, so please enjoy this old content re-packaged as new content.

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Welcome To Markacia: Smoking In The Boys Room

Are there rules in Markacia? You can definitely smoke in the boy's room. What does everyone do in this cute little town? On the show today we have our axe man dropping rhymes, the governor and the professor. Are we on Gilligan's Island or the Walking Dead? You decide! Then we talk about addiction and how we all caught that fever. This one gets a little squirrelly, but no one ran over it. Safe!

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Ep 199: Clap For Chlamydia

This weeks Thursday show topics include: Curtis has a few things he wants to clear up concerning last Mondays episode 198, more people were arrested for weed in 2016 than all violent crimes combined and Acacia skimmed an article about a certain mushroom that gives women orgasms (we're not sure which mushroom, so if you wanna know you're going to have to Bing that shit. It's your firsttheDAMNcast Homework assignment!). All that and so much more on this weeks Thursday episode of theDAMNcast!

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Ep 198: Been Caught Stealing

Hello and welcome to episode 198. This weeks 1st segment topics include: The end of the world happened last Saturday (so I assume everybody reading this did not ascend to Heaven via the Rapture), and then we basically just talk about stealing shit when we were young for the rest of the segment (we told you before that we we're shitty kids).

In the 2nd segment we talk to Artist/Surfer/(former) Lawyer, Steve Simmons (interview starts at the 54:47 mark)! Steve creates 3D and 2D art by using a proprietary mixture of fiberglass and resin. It's very cool and very tactile art. Acacia and Curtis visited Steve a few weeks ago to get a hands on feel for his work. Definitely check out all things Steve Simmons at www.stevenjsimmons.com!

Unfortunately, Curtis' .wav file for segment 3 was corrupted and was not able to be restored, so his mic is not represented in the 3rd segment. You can sort of hear him through the bleed of Marty and Acacias mic, but not really. We're putting it out anyway, because the segment seems to make almost perfect sense without Curtis (go figure). topics include: Bjork's new video, Frisson and Retro-causality. 

All that and a bag of stolen merchandise, on this weeks extra personal Monday episode of theDAMNcast!

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Ep 197: The Centaur & The Virgin

Welcome to this week's Thursday episode, topics include: On September 18, the Moon will pass in front of three planets and one of the brightest stars in our night sky, all in less than 24 hours, marking a special lunar occultation, Astronomers caught a glimpse of a pitch black planet (they named it WASP-12b, but we affectionately re-named it Planet Chuck D), and we wonder how other animals (some fictional and some real) masturbate. All that and a whole lot more on this very sexually aggressive Thursday edition of theDAMNcast.

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Ep 196: Tears Before Bed, Is Better Than Sudafed

This week, we welcome master watch maker and owner of The Exquisite Corpse Boutique, Alex Draven, in studio (interview starts at the 41:02 mark, but he's in studio for the entire show). Alex makes fucking amazing "Steampunk" inspired custom watches, among other rad items. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @theEXCB to take a look at his creations, and/or visit his website www.theexcb.com to possibly purchase something.

This weeks 1st segment topics include: Acacia thinks that men should keep track of their hormonal mood swings, Marty is feeling extra stressed out lately and we find out that Alex isn't just a master watch maker, but also a master bowman (he was into archery when he was 12). In the 3rd segment we wrap it all up with A story about illegal Brazilian Miners and Cryptologists finally figured out some code language written by a nun a long motherfucking time ago.

Episode 196 features 2 tracks ("Pay Day Poets" and "House of Boos") off of LOWdowns fucking fantastic new album "duckyouSUCKER" available for FREE at www.blocsonic.com! A BIG thanks to Alex for coming out to the farm to record this week, his watches and jewelry are seriously amazing, and another BIG thanks to everyone that's been listening and supporting this show for almost 3 1/2 years! As always, remember to enjoy!



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Welcome To Markacia: Masculine Echoes In The Void

How many levels are you existing on? How do you juggle your worlds? Can we re-write our own digital identity? Maybe the answers are in the cards. The gangs all here for this episode of the podcast. Acacia is here and she is joined by person and artist Zeljko, husband and person Curtis, and local personality and person Mark to do another deep dive into the nature of existence.

We talk about lucid dreaming in an online world and receive eerily poignant mini-tarot readings, among many other shenanigans. It'll make you laugh and think on every level.

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Ep 194: Squishybone

Hello and welcome to episode 194. This week musician/composer/writer Jeffrey Gowins from the Electronic/Industrial "band" Elias And The Error, joins us in studio. 1st segment topics include: Hurricane Irma is sucking up Sharks and potentially murdering everyone in Florida, what celebrity would we want as POTUS and Curtis is just fucking terrible at Googling. In the 2nd segment we talk more with Jeffrey about his music, his preferred soda brand and "Magic Funhouse" the fucking hilarious "kids show for adults" that Jeffrey has not only scored, but also written an entire episode for (interview starts at the 39:20 mark). Magic Funhouse is currently premiering it's 2nd season on the Fullscreen channel/app, and check everything Elias And The Error out at untimelymedia.com. In the 3rd segment, currently renamed the "Sudio Sweden Headphone Segment 3" (by Marty) we talk about GIANT wooden dicks and sex in ancient China. All that and so much more on this weeks extra long ass episode 194!

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Acacia and the Void - Ep 03: The Purple Elephant In The Room

This week Acacia meets with my Reiki Master, Stephanie and her daughter. They talk about many aspects and side effects of energy including Chakras, Auras,  Kundalini energy and how this energy feels and how to recognize and protect yourself from lower vibrations. Whether we want to acknowledge it or not it's everywhere and it has an effect on us and the world surrounding us. Drinks are had, and the girls get loose and let it flow. There's so much energy in emotion and it'simportant to keep yourself on the sunny side. I hope you all find something in this that resonates. Go Sunday drivin' with the windows down, it's fall ya'll!

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