Hello and welcome to Season 5, Episode 19. Topics include: Sinbad (the actor, not the sailor), Kylie Jenner (it only took this bitch 21 years to try cereal with fucking milk) and apparently Bert and Ernie are gay (is this information really necessary?). We also talk a little sports, and make our Browns and Steelers predictions, for games that have already been played by the time this comes out (except the Steelers game, which is on Monday night and this show goes out Sunday night, but who really gives a fuck about them anyway? PS... Joe does... sort of... I think). Anyway… all that, and so much more bullshit, on this weeks episode 19 of season 5, of theDAMNcast! As always, remember to enjoy!

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Hello and welcome to season 5, episode 18. Topics include: Serena Williams calls the ref at the US Open a "thief", and gets penalized (men have said much worse and not received such a punishment. Is there a double standard?), we learn about the longest movie ever made (it's called "Ambience", and when it's finished it will be 30 days long, and after it's over the world will explode) and Marty's son want's to be a Steelers fan (Joe absolutely loves this, BTW).

All songs featured on episode 18 ("bruce lee" and "dabney coleman") are courtesy of threepeeoh! Check him out on Soundcloud @

All that and so much more on this weeks episode 18, of Season 5, of theDAMNcast! As always remember to enjoy.

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Just Yammering

Hello and welcome to this weeks episode of theDAMNcast. We're back from a week off (our first in 6 weeks), and although we start off a little slow, we quickly regain our momentum. This weeks topics include: Joe thinks Chemtrails are real, Marty doesn't think Curtis could ever give Trump credit for anything (he's fucking right) and Curtis tells a quick story about his brief time on Tinder. All that, and more Pat Boone, on this weeks episode 16 of season 5, of theDAMNcast!

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Sad Attack!

Hello and welcome to this especially gross episode of theDAMNcast. Topics include: Catholic Priests at a Church in Pittsburgh molested over 1000 children (BIG fucking surprise), all 3 of theDAMNcasters hate Tupac and Kaitlin Jenner's new Transgender girlfriend (Sophia Hutchins) is hot AF! Also, we are now back on Twitter @theDAMNcast! All that and so much more on this weeks episode 15, of season 5, of theDAMNcast!

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Tne Perfect Combination Of Coffee & Cream

Welcome to episode 13, this weeks topics include: Ohio State Football coach Urban Meyer will probably be fired (at least that's what everyone thought on Wednesday, when we recorded this episode), Schizophrenic Musicians and we translate a few phrases into French (we're totally multilingual now). Also, we listen to Al Jolson and Pat Boone misappropriate black culture (Al's was a lot more racist though). All that and so much more on this week's episode of theDAMNcast!

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Dope Path Carnie

Well, we're back from another week off to bring you a... show. This weeks topics include: Lebron James leaves Cleveland, again, Wearing mirrored sunglasses is great for looking at titties in public and we create a new drink fit for every Canal Fultonite to enjoy. Also, the carnival is in town, so the odds of getting stabbed by a rogue Carnie just went up. All that and so much more on this week's brand new episode of theDAMNcast!

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Cats Paws Grow Back (Jumbo)

We're back, after another week off. This time, so Marty and Curtis could go to Rhode Island for a wedding, and so Curtis could go hog wild and eat everything in sight. This weeks topics include: Trump announces the Space Force (the 6th branch of the military), Childish Gambino might have ripped off the song "This Is America", and Curtis gained 12 pounds in 3 days (all bloat weight). All that and so much more on this weeks episode 9 of season 5 of theDAMNcast. Enjoy!!!

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The Anticlimactic Quest For Kanye West

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This week we search for the newest Kanye West song (Lift Yourself) for at least 15 minutes with no pay off. Marty thinks the WNBA Champs shouldn't get invited to the White House, and Curtis reveals that he doesn't really like Bob Marley. That and so much more on this weeks Anticlimactic episode of theDAMNcast!

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Hello and welcome to Season 5, episode 4 of theDAMNcast. Topics include: Fanta is Nazi soda, Childish Gambino/Donald Glover's video for the song "This Is America", and Sports!!! Don't worry, we talk about a whole lot of other shit too. We are kind of all over the place, but that’s nothing new. Enjoy!

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This week we talk about Porn, Yogurt and Baker Mayfield… in that order. Along with a whole bunch of other shit. Enjoy!

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Gout Foot

Hello, and welcome to this weeks episode! Topics include: Kendrick Lamar wins a Pulitzer Prize, Marty discovers K Pop and Joe has Gout. This weeks show was supposed to be sponsored by Sudio Sweden headphones, but we forgot to cut the promo and Joe kinda disses the fit of the Regent model studio Bluetooth headphones. You can still go to and put in the promo code THEDAMNCAST to receive 15% off! All that and so much more on this weeks episode of theDAMNcast!

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We're back! Well, sort of... Curtis and Marty are back as theDAMNcast (Acacia is doing her own thing now as "Acacia and the Void" available on iTunes and at, this week with long time friend of the show and voice of theDAMNcast theme song, Mr. Joe Howze! Curtis, Marty and Joe sit down to talk about all sorts of shit (Crossfit, Donald Trumps diet, Hunting) including Sports (sports segment starts at the 44:33 mark, just in case you want to skip it)! We wind down the show by playing 2 songs from popular cartoons and bickering about how to end the show.

It feels great to be back! Thanks to everyone that has, and continues to support us!

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