Episode 32: Va-genie Tahini

Episode 32 was recorded right before Valentines day, so we start the show off with some very romantic topics. First up, Charles Manson found love again in prison. This time his "bride to be" didn't just want him while he was alive, she loves him so much that she also wants him even after he's dead... To display in a case for all the world to see just what true love looks like. We transition right into talking about the most loving gift you can give anyone for Valentines day, A chocolate asshole of coarse. Speaking of a loving gift, Acacia's making her very own yogurt culture out of her vagina, yummy! Jim and Dani Ether are sitting "in studio" for George again, who we talk to in segment two. He's still in Mississippi, happily married to Kwon who surprised George with some great news. She's got a 8 year old son, named Marty, who now lives with them! That and a whole lot more on this weeks Thursday show of theDAMNcast!