Episode 36: Narwhal, The Straight Man's Unicorn

Episode 36 is the first ever episode of theDAMNcast to be without anyone sitting in George's chair, including George, of coarse. We start off the show talking about Krispy Kreme's new KKK promotion, racism has never been quite so caffeinated and sugary... mmmmmm. Acacia, Marty and Curtis reminisce about being 17 and stupid, and Curtis tells a story about this one trip to Akron with Randy the baker. In the second segment we talk to George, who is in Florida with his family, but Kwon and little Marty couldn't make it. Uh Oh, is there trouble brewing in paradise? Anyway, we talk to George and his family, including Bruce, mostly about Narwhal's. There's other stuff too, but I guess you'll just have to listen to find out what, on this week's Thursday episode of theDAMNcast!.