Episode 38: The Chillicothe Birthday Present

We have a very special guest sitting "in studio" for George this week, Mr. Larry Kinwood! He's quite the talker, truly a voice "built" for podcasting. Marty starts off with a tale from Dr. Phil about a long distance relationship between an American Woman and an International man of mystery whom she has given $1.4 million so he will make his way to America and they can live happily ever after. Marty talks about how creeped out he is by dead bodies, and Curtis, Marty and Acacia all tell stories of awkward nakedness. In the second segment we talk to George about his mission to make Real Steel 2 a reality, and we ask him how his 34th birthday went. It turns out he received a Chillicothe Birthday Present! All that and more, on this weeks Thursday episode 38 of theDAMNcast!