Episode 44: Floatch Pick (Stacy Messed Up)

Well Intern Stacy really fucking blew it this time! We open the show, as usual, and then for some reason Stacy thought it would be cool if she unplugged Mark's cable just enough so the recorder didn't pick up his signal! We think she was A spy sent by the "We Don't Know Either" podcast. Curtis is FUCKING PISSED, to say the least! Fortunately, we figured out her error before we start the 2nd segment. Speaking of 2nd segment, we talk to George and 3 of the DAMNcasters, and Mark, tell stories of their most miserable School Dance experience. All that, and if you listen really close to segment one, you can kinda hear Mark... Sorta, on this Totally FUCKED episode 44 of the DAMNcast! Fuck Stacy that sabotaging Bitch Intern, and Oh yeah FUCK YOU Phil Robertson, you fucking Psycho... Enjoy!!!