Ep 131: Grindr & Such

ep131 Waldo.jpg

Hello and welcome to the description portion of theDAMNcast episode 131: Grindr & Such. Being that this is the very first theDAMNcast recorded post Cleveland sports curse, we start off the show discussing the Cleveland Cavaliers first NBA Championship. It's the first major sports championship for any Cleveland team in 52 years, so it's a pretty BIG deal. In the 2nd segment we talk to "vocal enhancer and tambourine man" Ted Truman! Ted lends his many talents to 3 bands: The Dumb Easies, Hot Love and Matt Truman Ego Trip. We talk to Ted about many things including: "coming out" in the early 90's, the recent Orlando Massacre and Barbies. Let me tell you, this is one fan-FUCKING-tastic episode 131 of theDAMNcast... Enjoy!!!