Ep 136: A New Low #TwoMinuteDisclaimer

Well it's episode 136 and as the title implies, it's a new low for theDAMNcast. Let's just say that this episode contains theDAMNcast's very first disclaimer. Some topics on episode 136 include: The Olympics (Zika Virus, Transgendered Athletes, PED's), Synthetic Marijuana and Marty's possibly botched vasectomy. In segment 2 we talk to Brad Fetrow, the host of the Deep Rotation podcast. Most of the interview with Brad is just Curtis, Brad and Marty NERDING out about music, but don't worry there's PLENTY of inappropriate questions too. Acacia is in ONE OF THOSE moods tonight, and like she say's to start off the show, she has "no fucks to give", and just gets more cantankerous as the show goes on. All that and more on this week's episode 136 of theDAMNcast... Enjoy! Oh, I almost forgot, we have a new segment on the show called the "Amazon Pick of the Week", where we recommend an item from Amazon and if you would like to purchase that item you can click this link http://amzn.to/2aH4HZL and you can buy that item through us and we'll get 10% at no additional cost to you! This week's pick is the Face Blanket, because who doesn't like a warm face?