Ep 141: Whisp Of Virginity

This weeks episode 141, is the best episode 141 that we've ever released to the public. Topics include: 911 conspiracies, Teacher Bae, and Curtis asks Marty what he thinks a Hymen actually is. In the 2nd segment, we talk to Cleveland Artist Derek Hess. Derek has his own radio show on WCSB 89.3 fm from 11-12:30 on Wednesdays now, where he plays music, talks to interesting people and occasionally has a fringe presidential candidate stop by to chat. Derek has tons more stuff in the works, including possibly touring his award winning documentary "Forced Perspective" hopefully to a theater near you. Of course you can check out all things Derek Hess at www.derekhess.com. Playing us out this week is Mad Anthony with the song "What Happened To Me" off of their www.madanthology.com song a week for a year project. All that, and a few little format changes, on this weeks episode 141 of theDAMNcast.