Episode 81: Drunk Parabola

81 is just a number, but theDAMNcast Episode 81 is not just an episode! It's THE MOTHERFUCKIN' EPISODE! We start off this show a little differently than most. Instead of discussing oddly interesting news topics right away, we dive into an interview with the one and only Drunken Woodworker, Mr. David Picciuto, and we come up drenched in SAWDUST! David has a very popular Youtube channel, and Podcast with Jimmy Diresta and Bob Clagett called Making It. After a short break, theDAMNcasters get down to the "nitty gritty" about Hitchbot getting it's ass kicked in Philly, A man who ripped out his own eye-ball and another who tried to bite his own fingertips off... Oh and Transgender bathrooms. All that and more on this action packed episode 81 of theDAMNcast! Make sure to check out David's website for everything Drunken Woodworker @ www.drunkenwoodworker.com.

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