Episode 101: A Neutered State

We've been making fun of Florida a lot lately, not on purpose, but Florida just seems to be where all the fucked up shit is happening, so it seems fitting that we would get a letter from the State of Florida itself, also known as Merle Florida. We start off episode 101 reading and discussing said letter from good ole Merle, but that's not all we talk about in segment one, we also play and discuss the new Star Wars trailer, to Acacia's chagrin. In segment 2 we talk to local artist, Steve Ehret, otherwise known as "Monster Steve". Monster Steve is a fucking bad ass who paints sick fucking murals usually depicting an often colorful Monsters it's seriously dope shit! Also, sitting in on episode 101 is none other than Tirade the Space Cadet himself , Mr. Joe Howze! It's a jam packed Monday episode 101 of theDAMNcast!

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