Episode 83: Salt & Vinegar

George starts off the show by posing the question, "In the ranking of potato chips, where do you put Salt and Vinegar?". Seems like an odd way to start the show, but we go with it. We're not just talking chips on this episode, we're talking Rips too.. As in the Granny Ripper who killed and ate at least 11 people. We stay on the geriatric train, when we discuss the 91 year old woman who recently had a cyst removed that turned out to be a petrified fetus. I know kids don't move out when they're 18 anymore, but this is ridiculous. In segment 2 we interview Photographer and Co-owner of e11even 2 galleries, Christina Sadowski, who in Las Vegas... for some conference... Sure Christina, sure. We talk to her about lots of things including her love for her enormous Great Danes, and her affinity for creating Light Paintings. All that and we literally talk about a bag of chips, on this Monday's episode 83 of theDAMNcast!

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