Episode 97: Well-To-Do Drug Addicts

All songs (including intro and outro songs) on Episodes 97 and 98 are provided by Wish and his upcoming album "Infinite Orchards" out October 13th via Perfect Wave. Well whatta ya know, NASA says there's liquid water on Mars... So, you know theDAMNcast is going to talk about it... And we do! Not only do we talk about the water, but discuss what WE would take if WE we're going to Mars. Spolier Alert, someone would take a goat and someone would take a massive amount of opium, but you have to listen to find out who is who.  No guest this week, so in segment 2, after Curtis completely fucks up the intro, we talk about the new Fall TV line up, and just what shows exactly are we watching anyway? It's real fucking Entertainment Tonight type shit, on this weeks Monday Episode 97 of theDAMNcast!

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