Episode 93: Trumpelstiltskin

It's episode 93 and the "hot" topic on this weeks Monday show is, of course, the kid who brought the clock to school and got arrested. But before we get to that, we discuss our new/old sponsor the Rally's Deep Sea Doubler, and obviously that led into discussing sex lube. In segment 2 we talk to comedian, and master "guest booker", Jay Bee Hannah! He's booked almost all of theDAMNcast's "high profile" guests, including Mr. Hugh Jackman. Jay Bee is a not only a "master booker", and a very funny man... He's also the Leader of this sweet ass Cult called Obsidian Oasis. Make sure and check out their "future love" philosophy. All that and a more than a few awkward silences on this weeks Monday Episode 93 of theDAMNcast!

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