Visit and Look into the Mirror yourself. What will you see? Events Here

Visit and Look into the Mirror yourself. What will you see? Events Here

239 N Canal Street

Canal Fulton, Ohio 44614  

(330) 872-8326

Pictures Captured Over the Years

Special Halloween Episode

We sit down with Owners, Ken and Margarita, and Medium Helen Mayor and Mr. Bill Mayor to talk about ghosts and the incredible history of the Warehouse. We experienced many paranormal phenomena while setting up and recording in the Basement. Enjoy...

Click here to Listen to Our Special Halloween Episode

Click here to Listen to Our Special Halloween Episode

Mark Dances With Orbs


The Warehouse on the Canal is a Beautiful Venue for your next get-together. Located in the Picturesque Historical Area of Canal Fulton, Ohio. The Main Floor has 2 Large European Courtyard Style Banquet Rooms. Perfect for Reunions, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Shows and Events. Add the Escape Room experience for a very unique event.

Here's some of our Pictures from that Night

Embalming Area

Embalming Area

Meet the Owner

Ken Roberts

He has some Insightful Thoughts on God and Spirits

The Spirits of God & The Spirit Realm

Why do people want to believe in ghosts?

Humans can’t help but ask big questions as that instinct seems wired in our minds and the greatest of those questions, is what happens to us when we die and faced with our own mortality. People want to believe in ghosts for a simple reason: It provides proof of the immortality of the human soul and the possibility of life after death. The next question usually asked is what does the “Church” say and feel about ghosts. The Christian faith does not require this kind of anecdotal proof, but from the very earliest days of the faith, the Church has wrestled with the idea that the souls of the dead can make themselves known to the living and that idea has persisted ever since.

In fact, the Church believes that spirits, do exist. There is the visible physical realm all around us but also unseen there is a spiritual realm. 2 Corinthians 4:18 - “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal”. A strong theological tradition recognizes that deceased human souls can and do visit the living after death for various reasons and in various modes. It is clear that this is only done “according to the disposition of Divine Providence” and not as a common occurrence. If God allows a soul to return to this world, we know it must be for some greater purpose.

The dead often do appear to the living and there is enormous evidence of ghosts in all cultures throughout time. Ghosts confirm, rather than refute or disturb the theology of the afterlife. Christianity believes that God may, and sometimes does, permit a departed soul to appear in some visible form to people on earth and their purpose may be to teach, or warn, or request some favor for the living.We can conclude from these that if we living beings find ourselves interacting with a deceased human entity, this entity has already faced its judgment. A soul already experiencing the beatific vision may also be sent by God, in a similar manner to the angels, in order that it may intercede for us in some way. These actions would be directed somehow towards the benefits of we who are living, ultimately to inspire, guide, console or strengthen our faith and resolve.

Ghost stories are very primal and thus will always be popular. They both frighten and comfort: frighten, because of their uncanny and mysterious nature; and comfort, because of the suggestion of survival beyond death. So, yes the Church absolutely does believe in a spiritual realm. This realm is inhabited by Angels and Demons, Our God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and the souls of those who have died are also part of this spiritual realm but not allowed to contact living humans without the express permission of God. Unfinished business: A common theme among ghost hunters is that the reason that ghosts hang around is because of some unfinished business. That idea came early on from most pagan societies that believed in the separation of the soul from the body and an afterlife. This includes the idea that souls may “linger” after death due to “unfinished business” such as unbroken attachments to the earth, to reconciled relationships or to the affairs of men that supposedly last beyond the grave. The belief in the Christian church runs contrary to the belief that there are souls that “linger” or have “unfinished business” as there is no need to complete any mission because they have been perfected and are conformed to Christ.

Time for a fresh approach: There is no longer any confusion or misunderstanding in that the Church acknowledges that ghosts exist and that through Divine Providence God can and does allow for departed souls to appear in some visible form to people. The idea that spirits that cannot pass over into the next life because of unfinished business or has committed some offense that has not been atoned for, or committed some sin that restitution needs to be made for and is unable to rest until that has been done, is outdated.

To believe in God and Jesus is to believe in the supernatural as both God and Jesus are supernatural. If we believe in miracles, then we must believe in the unbelievable as miracles are supernatural. Surveys over the last decade suggest that somewhere between a third to one half of Americans believe in ghosts.

If God allows for a soul to return to this world, we know it must be for some greater purpose and to be of benefit to the living then would it also seem reasonable to expect for God to provide certain people with higher levels of sensitivity (we often refer to a sixth sense) that are able to perceive things that cannot be detected by most individuals. These individuals are known as Sensitives and because of their higher levels of sensitivity or that their sixth sense is more in tune with the spirit realm are given the opportunity of a glimpse into the spirit realm of departed souls where some are able to either sense or feel, hear or communicate with these spirits whereas others have all of those abilities. For the past 12 years we have at the Warehouse been providing these spiritual journeys with a Sensitive who is a Christian and prays to Jesus for guidance before any assistance provided that has over 50 years experience and one who has all of those abilities where we have always asked the spirits to assist us and where many if not most of our customers will either experience for themselves or witness a paranormal encounter which will show some of the ways that spirits can be of assistance. Remember: We have nothing to fear from the paranormal as any and all paranormal encounters will come from God.

The image and perception of ghosts that we know today have been fabricated since the early 1900’s with motion pictures and then T.V. where the fear associated with the unknown was exploited and fantasized to sell tickets for entertainment purposes. When someone talks about what ghosts are today the mind thinks about and melds together all of the images that they had seen in movies, T.V. and books where those images originally intended for entertainment, have become our reality as to what we think ghosts are and do. Why would your loving mother or father or grandparents or siblings and other loved ones that passed on suddenly become monsters or scary people in the afterlife? If the afterlife is a reward and an extension of our being and that being in the presence of God, then it does not make any sense. Research shows that even skeptics can’t stifle the sense that there is something greater than the concrete world we see.

If you are interested or are curious as to the spirit realm then you might like some of our events. My personal background included time spent in a seminary to become a priest as I am interested in the spiritual aspect of things and from time to time we have guest speakers as part of the event that will include theologians, ministers and others.

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— Ken Roberts